Some of the brands that we offer: Viper, Sony, Cadence, Kenwood, Stinger, Remote Start

If you don't  see something you need listed, please call, as we offer many more  services, as well as servicing our completed work.

All of our technicians are Certified audio and video Techs and company trained professionals.

You can trust us as experts in our field and all services that we provide.

Competitive  rates and we'll work within your budget.  We know that time is money  and we deliver on our promises.  Please call ahead and give us an idea  of what your looking for so that we can give an estimate and different  options for you, when you arrive.  This will save you time and we'll be  able to offer you many ideas, that maybe you hadn't thought of yet.

Your vehicle will always be delivered on the day and time that we commit to!!